Sunday, June 3, 2012

2000+ & lovin it!

Hello everyone! As you all know.. I love to give things away! It makes me happy to see you happy! And God gave me a talent for a reason.. to share with the world! So I am super happy to have reached the 2000+ fan mark! I love having my own business and being able to provide people with a great service at a great price! I enjoy what I do and you spreading my name helps me keep doing it! As a Thank you for being awesome and putting up with my MANY... MANY posts in your news feed! I am giving away a session! Follow the instructions listing on the image below! Tomorrow evening I will gather all of your names up and do a drawing! Your number will be posted under you comment on the page.. so that you know your number for the drawing. Cant wait to see who wins! Thanks again!
Blair Fricks

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