Monday, January 13, 2014

Mr. and Mrs. Redd

Having both gone through a few bumpy relations just recently before being introduced, I (Brooke) met a classmate in college who told me to "text his friend" and just talk to him. Being the friendly person I am, I did just that. Thinking nothing of going further with the situation, we started talking constantly morning, afternoon and night. After about a week I was asked by Nathan out on a date. We were literally best friends ever since...
3 years of dating led to engagement. My Prince Charming rounded up tons of my family and friends to meet in the Marietta Square courtyard holding signs of our anniversary date and all turned to say "marry me" as he walks around from the huge bells. Most romantic proposal ever. Almost a year went by and we got married. Which ended up being the best/happiest day of my life. Having my family there to share such a joyous occasion. It couldn't have gone more perfect. 
So thankful to be Mrs. Redd.

Arasmith-Bishop Wedding

The proposal: 
Erin:" Andrew and Erin Bishop. We met at a recruiting office for the Military. It was funny I had just got some information about joining the military and just told the recruiter that I was never getting married, never having kids... Etc. when Drew literally walked through the door 2 seconds later and from that moment I knew that I was about to take back every word I had said. The day he proposed to me we rode the Harley up to a waterfall in blue ride. When he popped the question and I said yes he unbuttoned his shirt to and undershirt that said "she said yes" it was hilarious! 

Erin says..  the most memorable part of my wedding day was my daddy crying walking me down the isle." 

A solider & his bride: 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Check out this Adorable Family I met from th

e girls Homeschool Co Op! They are the sweetest!